No or wrong area after updating calibration table


First post here. The other day we ran into an issue that hasn't happened before. After integrating the calibration samples and going to calibration to first enter the amount and then update the calibration table the areas will be 0 for some of the calibration levels and wrong for some. If the areas are entered manually it works, but I'd rather learn how to fix this if it ever happens again.

Before updating cal table:

before updating cal table

After updating cal table:

After clicking the button that updates the calibration table it only adds areas for level 1, and the areas are incorrect. I'm not too versed in the software but I think that the methods default RT is set to 4.00, but we usually change this manually so that the interval is covering the peak. I tried making the RT window/interval wider but it didn't help.

Thanks for any help!

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