I have a problem With installing OpenLab CDS 2.7

Hello, Agilent,

 I have a problem With installing OpenLab CDS 2.7, 

during the installation process, I found that the existing software version does not contain Adobe Reader. After installing the version, I installed Adobe Reader from another software, but I noticed The following: When the sample is injected, it remains fixed on the processing state and does not move to the case of the completed, 

and this was a big problem.

When I uninstalled the Adobe Reader and injected another Sample, the sample was completed.

The question here,

 - what is the Adobe Reader compatible with OPENLAB 2.7 Software .?

- And why was it not developed as a basic software program, as in the previous versions of the software? 

best regards, 

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  • Hi andy

    An older version of Adobe Reader actually did this.

    The old version of Adobe Reader actually did not complete the sample processing process while I was installing the 8890 chromatograph with Openlab CDS version 2.7. For a customer.

    When I uninstalled Adobe Reader, the sample was completed, and therefore the version of Adobe Reader must be recent and compatible with the software version.

     Based on the above, I hope to add Adobe Reader to the next version Openlab cds software version to ensure that you will not repeat this with clients.

    Best regards, 

  • Hello,

    I would agree with Andy that adobe reader should not cause issues with CDS 2.7 as it is not required for creating or viewing pdfs. The typical issue we have with pdf creation is if the user sets up a processing method that prints out a report and the default printer is a pdf printer. Is it possible, that full adobe was installed previously, and the adobe pdf printer was the default? You cannot setup CDS in this manner or the processing will stop waiting on the user to enter a file name in a hidden dialog. 


  • Hello ,

    First, let me tell you something,

    Adobe Reader is a basic program that must be installed to view the report completely, not just for printing,

    Initially, I installed OpenLab CDS 2.7 on a computer and did not notice that it had an old version of Adobe Reader installed. I did not know that the version was old because it was already present on the computer,

    Then I actually selected Adobe Reader from within OpenLab CDS Software to view the report,

    I injected a sample and then it continued in the processing Case and did not give completed,

    In fact, I never doubted that the reason was that the old version of Adobe Reader was interfering with the completed of the sample,

    After that, I tried some attempts to find out why the sample was not completed,

    Unfortunately, I did not suspect that Adobe Reader was the reason for the incomplete sample until after many attempts, and then I reinstalled Openlab CDS again,

    Then I connected the  GC 8890 to another computer and did not change anything. The sample was completed. After that, I installed Adobe Reader to view the report completely and so that I could print it. I found that the sample that I had injected was not completed, then I uninstalled Adobe Reader,  The sample injection was completed,

    From here, I concluded that the old version of Adobe Reader was the reason for the sample not being completed and moving from the processing stage to the completed stage,

    Please add a version of Adobe Reader to future Openlab CDS releases so that what happened to me does not happen to other clients or specialists.

    Best regards 

    Hany Elsayed

  • Hello,

    Again, perhaps you had an odd interaction with an older adobe version, but that software is not required for OpenLab CDS 2.x. The pdf viewer in CDS 2.x. is not dependent on any installed adobe software. The older CDS Chemstation software was dependent on the adobe reader for viewing pdfs and thus was shipped with an installer of the compatible adobe reader. As you can see below from the CDS 2.x requirements guide a pdf viewer is not required. Also below is a screenshot from one of my test systems, as you can see no adobe software is installed but I can still view pdfs in CDS DA. 


  • Thank you very much for this useful discussion for users as well as specialists, Also, thank you for your patience,

    I am very proud of Openlab CDS and I consider it a great software. It saves time, is very flexible in dealing, and has many features. I have made many accomplishments through the great Openlab CDS,

    Once again I would like to clarify several things to you,

    In all previous versions before Openlab CDS 2.7, It contains Adobe Reader, one of the programs available on the software (attached are images of Openlab CDS versions 2.2, 2.4, 2.5, )
     This indicates that it is one of the important programs for reviewing the report.,

    Firstly, the old version of Adobe Reader actually intercepted the completion of the sample and it continued in the processing stage and did not move to the completed stage.,

    Secondly, I know very well that we can review and print the report without Adobe Reader, but not in the required form or in a way that saves time. By reducing the steps for reviewing the report, with many samples and repeated use throughout the day, you will find it cumbersome to rename each sample until you can  Review it (as shown in the pictures),

    In the first pictures, I reviewed the report without Adobe Reader and looked carefully at the pictures and the number of steps in reviewing the report
     And in the second picture, with Adobe Reader, we can review and print the report easily without renaming, completely, very clearly, and time-saving.  As shown in the picture,

    Finally, I thank you very much for your interest in responding and the fruitful discussion.

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