Compound Custom Fields in Intelligent reports templates between projects

Hi, is it possible to copy report templates that were created in one project to another?

I am having problems with the compound custom fields between projects. 

I tried to copy a report created in one project with his own custom fields parameters to an other project with different custom field parameters. The problem was that when I copy the report template the compound custom fields parameters are not updated to those of the project where the report has been copied. 


Thank you very much


  • Compound custom fields are specific to each project and have no dependence on report templates accessible in said project. If the compound custom fields in one project are different from another, then the report template simply won't have the same fields it is reaching for accessible to it. As far as I am aware, there are no internal checks for which fields are accessible to a report when it is copied to another project. Additionally, the system would have no way of knowing which compound custom parameters that do exist are the ones you want to use. You basically have 3 options here. 

    1. Add the compound custom fields to the project manually (making sure the names are EXACTLY the same)

    2. Go through the report template and replace those those fields with appropriate ones that already exist in the project manually

    3. A mixture of the two above

    I hope they eventually make this a bit less clunky, but I expect it would be a total rework of the current hierarchy so my hopes aren't high. To avoid this problem in the future, you can make sure to add some fields to all projects and use those for report templates instead of fields that aren't universal.

  • You can create a common folder for report templates and set this for report folder in all projects (Projects/CDS Settings/Report Templates path)

  • Yes, but that doesn't resolve the problem that they are having. The problem they have is that the custom fields in one project don't align with the custom fields in another so the report they have copied can't be used in both. If they did what you said, they would skip the copying step but still run into the current issue.

    If you are setting up a new system, you can copy projects, which will copy all the custom fields as well, but seeing as they already have two projects, it's a little too late for this approach as well unless they want to throw out the project they copied to and replace it with another. But that causes other issues such as not being able to use the report template for old data in the project as well as possible traceability issues if they are working in a GDP environment due to multiple storage locations for one project.

    However, your suggestion is very helpful in cases when all the custom fields already align between projects since you no longer have to think about copying report templates and when an update is made for the report template the same doesn't have to be done and tested in multiple folders (or copied again). In fact, I hope they see this and implement that.

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