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We run an Agilent 6890N with Headspace sampler 7697A using OpenLabs CDS 2.7. I made a project folder for data to go into but it still wants to put it into the instrument folder and not to the individual project folder that I created.

when I try to create the sequence I do not see a destination folder with results thought the CDS settings are correctly created:

the options when I try to choose a results path does not show the UCD_MO_Sagebrush_fecal_Fall2023 option

what I'd ultimately like to be able to do is create a project and the project be the first item when choosing data instead of the instrument as it is now.

Thank you


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  • Hello,

    As I said when you create a new project it will be empty and if you need methods or other files from another project you will need to copy them over. If you use duplicate project, it will copy all the project settings electronic signatures, permissions, audit trails, etc. except the root path. It will still be an empty data structure and again if you need methods or other files they will need to be copied into the new path structure. If you have a file based system this can be done in windows, if not you can use the web interface of the backend content manager to copy or move files between the projects as needed. 

    Marty Adams

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