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Hi Team,

We had an issue with integrating of active from standard, where the integration is uniform though out the standard injections, while in QC standard, integration is not uniform with respect to standard, because of the reason we observed failure in QC standard. I can better explain the issue by sharing the chromatograms.

Standard chromatogram:

QC Standard:

What this type of integration called, why this type of integration will occur, how to fix this type of integration issues in future.

  • Hi Barinder

    In the standard chromatogram, you have valley-to-valley integration and in the QC standard its an exponential tangent skim.

    Since you have OpenLab CDS, you could use the Integration optimizer tool to find parameters that give you the same type of integration for the two types of injections.  There only looks to be a small difference between the two chromatograms, so it should be simple to have them both integrated consistently.


    The optimizer lets you choose the type of integration for such closely-eluting peaks and set parameters to determine when this should be applied:

    You could have a look at the OpenLab Help and Learning to better understand how the integrator advance parameters determine how such peaks are integrated. 


  • Hello,

    If you do not want the peaks to be skimmed, then you can set the front and tail skim ratios to 0. You may see a drop line to the baseline instead of the tail skimmed peak in the example. If you wanted the valley to valley integration as seen in the first example you can work with the Peak to valley ratio to force that method. Please note you can press F1 on the keyboard when in the advanced integration section of the method to see the help on these settings.  

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