Openlab chemstation edition

When i create a new method and activate audit trail then close software and login again to the same method , the check box on enable audit trail is not active Disappointed?

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  • Hello Mhawny,

    The way you were enabling audit trails before is considered the manual way where individual methods are enabled by hand by the user.  The way Marty describes is how to enforce audit trails to be enabled on all new methods automatically.

    The screenshot Marty gave is the Chemstation Administration Tool and can be accessed from the Windows Start Menu -> Agilent Technologies -> Chemstation Administration Tool.

    To be able to launch this tool the user account you are logging into Windows with needs to be in the Windows local group called CSAdministrators.  After adding a Windows local user or domain account to the local Windows CSAdministrators group launch the Chemstation Administration tool and checkmark enable Method and Results audit trails to have the audit trails automatically generated with new methods and resuts.


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