Several Custom Calculations in a Result Set [OpenLab CDS 2.5]


we would like to insert several Custom Calculations in a Result set, which are distributed to different processing methods.
Now we noticed that as soon as different Custom Calculations are inserted, no results are calculated from them. Is this a program bug or is it intentional?

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  • Hello,

    All your processing methods in a result set must use the same custom calculation file. Combined all you CCs in one custom calculation file and reference that in all methods.  Also, if you do not reprocess all the injections in a result set the custom calculations will not be calculated. 

    Marty Adams

  • Hi dear,

    If the names of the components in the data analysis do not match the names of the components in the Text file, no results will appear.

    To solve this problem,

    From the Control Panel icon, then from the projects list, We create another new project and put in it the methods and the external calculation file, and the other text file that are compatible with the names of the components in the data analysis,

    And from processing method choosing the custom calculations and text file 

    Now the results will appear,

    I hope I helped you in solving the problem

    Kind regards

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