System suitability

How do I include in OpenLab Software the criterias for system suitability including the pass and fail?

It is possible to configure it?

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    if you have in mind the evaluation of SS in report, I resolved by defining aggregator for resolution (AGGAvgResFac1) and group by compound name and created a text box with expression as follows


     I hope it will work for you.



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    You can activate system suitability calculations in the data analysis method as below. If you want to setup pass fail that would be done in custom calculator or intelligent reports. You can hardcode the limits as the other post shows or use sample custom fields, compound custom fields, custom calculator constants files, or report parameters to set the values. Which storage method you use typically depends on how often they change and if they are the same for different compounds and methods. Once you have a place to enter the values then you would need to calculate the pass/fail in CC or IR expressions. 

    Marty Adams

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