How do you export Batch Review reports that include manually adjusted/integrated peak areas?

I have been able to successfully export Excel batch reports that include peak areas based on the calibration tables I have created; however, they always exclude the peaks I have manually adjusted. This is a large problem given that the auto-integration is not always the most accurate and sometimes misses important peaks all together, I am unsure if this is a problem with me not saving my manual integrations correctly or something else.

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  • Hello Marty,

    Thank you very much for your reply. We currently have the OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition version C.01.10 [201].

    You you be able to provide more clarity on what the difference is between batch mode and normal processing and intelligent reporting?

  • Hello,

    Do you have a menu item in Chemstation called batch? This was an older processing method that is still in the software but typically disabled. Please note if this not what you mean by batch processing then the likely issue is you are not reprocessing the results after doing the manual integrations. You need to reprocess the entire result set or manually create or preview reports for any injections you manually integrate. If you do not do this the ACAML file used in the IR report templates is not updated after the manual integration alone. Note this not needed for classic reports. 

    Marty Adams

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