AcqInstCFG.DLL error when trying to close connection to an instrument from CDS 2.5

When trying to close a connection on an instrument with an active single run or sequence the OpenLAB CDS software will usually give a message that it will close connection when the runs are finished.  Today when trying to close 2 instruments on the same AIC I received a "Failed to load library AcqInstCFG.DLL for "GC_NAME" instrument"

First time seeing this error, received it when trying to pre-close on both of those instruments.  Any ideas?  I thought it may have been open on another client computer at the same time but confirmed no other computers had these instruments open.



  • As an update, even after the run sequence ended on the first GC I was still unable to Close Connection to the GC.  When the 2nd run queue is complete I will reboot the AIC to hopefully clear the connection but it is an odd error.

  • Hello,

    You will not be able to close the connection for any instruments with active injections or sequences in the run queue. This is the intended behavior as closing the connection on any running injections would kill the current injection and then clear the queue. If you have a problem with a specific instrument and cannot close the connection, you can reboot the AIC or workstation if your other instruments on that computer are idle. The other option if you cannot reboot the AIC is to end the specific AcquisitionServer.exe task on the controller for that instrument. If you open the task manager on the AIC, then click on details, you can add the command line column. If you look at the command line for the AcquisitionServer.exe processes, you will see the instrument ID in the string that matchs the instrument ID in the control panel. You can end this process which is what close connection does from control panel. Please note doing this from the AIC task manager bypasses the checks for the system being active. Only close from task manager if closing connection in control panel fails and you cannot reboot the AIC because other instruments are running. 

    Marty Adams

  • Thank you for the reply, but that isnt whats happening with this AIC.  OpenLAB does allow for you to hit the close connectoin button while a run queue is going, it pops up with a message that it will close the connection when the runs are finished, which is great.  The error I am having with this one particular AIC is that it will not allow you to close connection to any GC in any run state, with the error message "Failed to load library AcqInstCFG.DLL for "GC_NAME" instrument".  We are running with the client/server format if that makes a difference.  I can log in to other AICs and send the close connection command to the GC and the connection will close, but this one particular AIC just gives that error in any state. 

    I will try manually adding deleting and copying the AcqInstCFL.DLL from another instrument and update this post.  If that doesnt work I guess reinstalling the software, or re-staging the computer and installing the software again are my options.

  • Hello,

    If that is the case, you could try running the SVT tool to see if the installed files have any issues. We have had some instances where AV software have removed or quarantined files critical to the OpenLab software. I would also suggest, if your site has a client server installation with an active software maintenance agreement, open a ticket with informatics support.

    Marty Adams 

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