OpenLab CDS Report section


I have two questions about the report section in OpenLab CDS:

1- Is there a way to set the report for one compound out of multiple compounds?

2- is there a way to get the sequence result at the end as one PDF file rather than having multiple injections results separately as individual PDF files?

Thank you,


  • Sam,

    1) Yes, you would need to set a filter on the report template or object in the template for that one compound. In the example below I set a filter for Peak A on the table so now it only shows results from the peak. The second table has no specific filter for a compound named so it displays all the other named compounds. 

    Marty Adams

    2) Yes, there is a way to do this, but it needs to be setup when you acquire the sequence. If not setup in acquisition, you would need to use the reporting section of data analysis to create summary reports. Please search for sequence summary report in the Openlab help and learning for a detailed walkthrough of the setup. 

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