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I use Chemstation foro LC 3D systems Rev. B.04.03 [16].  I read this very helpful post about exporting data:  https://community.agilent.com/technical/software/f/forum/2050/merge-all-datas-of-a-sequence-in-a-single-excel-file/3317#comment-2846

But I still have one more question.  Is it possible to add the injection date to the batch review report table so that I can export it to excel?  My LIMS system needs a date in order to import the data.  Or is there another way to get the injection date into excel?  Thank you.

  • Hello,

    The batch mode processing is static in the options so if the date is not available then it likely cannot be exported by that process. I would suggest moving to a newer version of Chemstation as the reporting and data export capabilities have been greatly expanded with Intelligent Reporter. The older version did have DDE and XML exporting as options but those are outside the batch processing mode. 

    Marty Adams

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