achieving PIONA analysis using only  OpenLab CDS with no need of a second party software.

achieving PIONA analysis using only  OpenLab CDS with no need of a second party software.

 it is to my knowledge that all oil companies
here in Egypt do not adopt or do not use OpenLab CDS Software in the
analysis of petroleum liquids. such as gasoline, and this is a great
loss due to the capabilities of OpenLab CDS Software. Therefore, after
many attempts and experiments,

And using the capabilities of the software, I made a complete method
using the OpenLab CDS Software, including separating samples, data
analysis, and calculations for gasoline with all its contents,
starting from the ethane compound to the hexadecane compound
Features of the method:-

1- By using this method, it will achieve more profit for your company
and more spread of your software, which I see in my view as the best
software, at least in the field of petroleum, because it does not
depend on a second software for making calculations. Samples are
separated, data is processed, and calculations are made through
OpenLab CDS Software.  without the use of another software.

 2- The separation is very good and there is no drift or shift with
manual syringe injection (tested by more than one person and no shift
occurred) or automatic injection with an autosampler.

3- Stability in results and no change in retention time.

4- The results were compared with the software of major companies that
used DHA and the results were identical and there were no differences
in the results.

Attached is a copy of the chromatographic analysis report for
petroleum liquids (gasoline).

I am very happy to join the global Agilant community. I also hope to
be one of the developers of Openlab CDS Software.

With my wishes for continued progress for Agilent Technology International.
  • This sounds very interesting to me.

    However I do not see your attachment.

  • Thank you Hany for sending the link to your example report.

    This is very impressive, I have been involved in DHA a bit myself.

    You probably know the late Neil Johansen is considered the "father of DHA" at ASTM.  The first method we standardized is ASTM D5134 from the 1990's but people mostly do D6729/6730 now.  I still prefer to start training using D5134 to give trainees an easier on-ramp.

    I first met Neil at the famous (now-demolished) Shamrock Hilton in Houston in the early 1980's before people were using PC's in the lab.  I wrote my first DHA on one of these "integrators" myself and continued while Neil and most others migrated to DOS:

    If you really try you can accomplish a lot when you've got the full 16KB of 32-bit memory :-)

  • Thank you very much for this beautiful compliment, and I am very grateful for your admiration for the method, and you are an example to follow, and I am very honored to communicate with you, and I hope that the largest number of users will benefit from it


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