How to report the sequence version in an intelligent report

Hello everyone.

Before to run an acquisition sequence is possible to print a "Report Sequence" with the current version disposable on it.


In the intelligent report tab on DA there is a "Sequence Version" in the "Report Items", but the information retrieved is very different of that disposable in "Report Sequence".

Could I report the acquisition sequence version on my intelligent report as the same described in "Report Sequence"?

This information is present in the sequence audit trail in DA, but I appreciate getting just the sequence version without all the information being brought in by the audit trail (too much paper).


  • Hello,

    Since the sequence file is copied into the result set folder at the start of the acquisition it becomes a separate unique file. Also, it can be edited and changed during the acquisition so could have multiple versions linked to different versions of the result set if you have a backend content manager. All of this means that the version available for reporting is the version of the stored file not the original sequence file. 

    Marty Adams

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