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Hello everyone, I would like if the sample Amount is forgotten, a note is displayed in the assay or in the sample amount itself. So far there is a zero. How can I type this in the editor?


  • What type of report template are you using?  Single Injection or Single Sequence Summary?

    You could use this sort of expression in a table column to show the word "MISSING" in the sample amount column in that table (in a summary report, or you could use an expression like this in a textbox in a single injection report

    =IIF(Sample_Anount = 0, "MISSING", Round(Sample_Amount, 3))

    You can use whatever text where I have "MISSING", and you can change the number of decimal places in the Round() function.


  • Hello,

    If you would like to see a flag in DA injection results you could do a custom calculation. The CC below would look at all injections except the standards for a non-zero sample amount value. You could see all injections that do not have a valid entry in the summary injection results. 


    String.Join("_",CurrentSequence.AllInjections.Where(function (x) x.Sample.Sample_Type <> 1).Where(function (x) Double.IsNaN(x.Sample.Sample_Amount) OR x.Sample.Sample_Amount = 0).Select(function(x) x.Sample.Sample_Name & "-"  & x.Sample.Sample_OrderNumber.ToString())) 

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