Sample amount correction factors

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I am trying to use the correction factors in open labs to get the concentration of the sample based on the weight used. I have tried using the concentration of the sample in the sample amount with the amount weighed in the multiplier and the dilution factor set as the amount diluted but i am geting a number that is way off. The sample amount in data analysis seems correct but the concentration is off. Hopefully someone can shed some light to the situation.

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    I am not sure of the exact issue, but a common problem is sample amount will not be used in the concentration calculation unless you have selected mass %. If you select mass % to use the sample amount but do not want to have the results in % you will need to use the multipliers or dilution factors to negate the *100. Also, if you need the dilution factors to be divisors that needs to be selected in the method, by default they are multipliers. 

    Marty Adams

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