How to convert counts values to mAU in EzChrom Elite?

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I am using EzChrom Elite. This software in the Y-Axis in order to measure response uses counts instead of mAU. In order to perform some calculations from chromatographic results I would like to know if there is a way to convert counts to mAU and viceversa. NOT SPECIFICALLY A FEATURE IN THE SOFTWARE, BUT A NUMBER WHICH I COULD USE TO MAKE THE CONVERSION MANUALLY. 

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  • Hello,

    Please mention the instrument you are trying to work with.

    Please see the following for GC:

    GC Signal Conversion Factors
    Use to convert to display scale units Use to convert to unscaled units
    Detector Type Scale units GC LSV (1/7680) Multiplier
    FID/NPD 1 pA 0.0001302083 0.000130208
    TCD 25 uV 0.0001302083 0.003255208
    ECD 5 Hz 0.0001302083 0.000651042
    AIB 15 uV 0.0001302083 0.001953125
    uECD 1 Hz 0.0001302083 0.000130208
    FPD 150 pA 0.0001302083 0.01953125
    GC drivers display their signals for each detector based on a pre-defined scale that varies based on detector type.
    To convert the raw area and height counts in EZChrom standard reports to a unit based scale that matches with the 
    chromatogram display (i.e. 25uV for TCD) multiply any signals count value by the GC LSV (Divide counts by 7680). 
    To convert counts to an unscaled detector signal (i.e. uV) the LSV and Scale are factored to give a Multiplier.
    Multiply detector counts by this multiplier to get unscaled signal values in units.

    Example Calculation DAD:
    Choose detector: 1100/1200 DAD (G1315)
    Scaling: 1.00E+03
    UnitConv: 0.476678277
    Units mAU
    Detector Unit Conversion Deffault Scaling 1 Count Units
    VWD (G1314) 5.9604644775E-05 1.00E+06 2^ -24AU mAU
    1100/1200 DAD (G1315) 4.7667827696E-01 1000 2^-21AU mAU
    1100/1200 MWD(G1365) 4.7667827696E-01 1000 2^-21AU mAU
    1100/1200 DAD (G1315) w/SP1 FW A.02.01 4.7683715820E-01 1000 2^-21AU mAU
    1100/1200 MWD(G1365) w/SP1 FW A.02.01 4.7683715820E-01 1000 2^-21AU mAU
    1200 FLD (G1321) 5.9604644775E-05 1.00E+06 2^ -24AU LU
    1200 RID (G1362) N/A
    1200 ELSD (G1428) N/A
  • Hello Stormbringer

    Although the software is Agilent, the detector i'm using is not from Agilent, but a Hitachi L-7400 UV Detector. 

    Thank you for your response

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