Editing sequence after starting- can I save the edited sequence while the instrument is running?

My question: Is there a way to save the updated sequence file after editing a currently-running sequence? Details below:

I am using OpenLAB CDS - Acquisition - Build

Yesterday evening I ran a ~ 50 injection sequence. A few injections in I changed several vials, and added new ones. I could not see a way to save the edits.

At night, the sequence Aborted due to an error.

This morning when I logged in remotely to see about resuming the sequence, the only saved sequence was my pre-edit vials.

Is there a way to save the updates to the sequence, so that if I need to re-run a sequence I will have the most updated version?



  • Hi ,

    One of the toolbar buttons lets you import sequences from Result sets.

    You might be able to import the sequence from the result set that contained the successfully acquired samples.  


  • Hi Andy,

    Thank you for the suggestion, that will help in some cases. However it unfortunately does not solve the problem of any modifications after the latest completed injection.

    For example: I start a sequence with 30 injections, and after starting the sequence I add 20 more lines to the end, for a total of 50 injections. The instrument has an error and aborts at line 35. When I try to pull back up the sequence, whether by loading sequence or by the method you suggested, it does not pull up any injections set after line 35, that I added after modifying an already-initiated sequence.

  • Hi Rob

    One  more suggestion.  If you have the workstation version of OpenLab CDS, you could copy the sequence file (.sqx) from the result set folder back into the sequence folder.  The result set copy of the sequence will have all of the injections that you added after starting the sequence.

    If you have the Workstation Plus or Client/Server version, this needs to be done in the Content Management browser, if you have permissions to do this,


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