How do I export only the signal and retention time from multiple samples as a .csv or .xcls file?

Our lab has both Open Lab Data Analysis Version A.01.02 Build 1.159.23 and Open Lab CDS Chem Station Edition Rev C.01.07 [27]. We currently load each signal individually in Chem Station and then export the retention time and signal into a .CSV file. Is there a way to export all of the signals at once as a .csv? Our current method is very cumbersome when you have a large number of samples. Thank you!

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  • Glad to hear it.  Let me know if there are any problems that arise.


    Did you understand the conversation on the original thread.  I added (LoadFile dadatapath$ + dadatafile$) at the beginning because the original poster was capturing signals and not using them in any reports so I had to first reload all the signals and then export them.  You could remove that line if all the signals you are capturing have been added to the Signal Details section.



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