Macro for post-sequence reprocessing of data for OpenLab CDS Chemstation C.01.10


My laboratory runs a multilevel calibration with internal standards on a headspace-GC-FID. Our sequence is set up to replace each level of the curve after each calibrator is analyzed and then calculate the concentration of the analyte with the calibrator based on the new curve. To ensure each calibrator is processed with the fully updated curve we always reprocess the data as soon as the sequence is finished. I know there's a Post-Run Command/macro field in the Sequence Parameters menu. Is there a macro or command that can be written to immediately reprocess all the data in a sequence once the sequence is finished running? I've tried some RunSequence commands, which work when you're in the Data Analysis view, however, since the sequence is running in the Method and Run Control view the RunSequence command attempts to reanalyze the sequence, which isn't what we want.

I'm new to OpenLab CDS Chemstation, so any help is appreciated!

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