OpenLab CDS Report Editor - Shift Detail Row Data to New Column(?)

Hi all, I'm an absolute newbie tasked with redesigning my team's HPLC report using the OpenLab CDS software.
I don't use or understand much (near-anything) about this data/calculations/machine/etc but I program. I read through most of RTEConceptsGuide and used the report already in use to get this almost completed, but please bear with me if possible :P

In the Summary Results table, I want the data from the Average row that appears beneath each group of Compounds shifted to the third column.

This average row is generated (I think) by two Groupings where Average is checked for Col2 - if I don't check those the table only takes the first compound.
There is nothing selected on the Summary Calculations properties for any of the columns - but I have tried that.
I've also tried having Col3 =Avg(Compound_Concentration), and a few other things that obviously didn't work.

As of now -> Col1 = Compound_Name, Col2 = Compound_Concentration, Col3 = ????!?!?! Stuck out tongue

A few thoughts I've had (ignore syntax here lol):
-is there a way to reference/check within tables, so i could say something like... if C1R1 string is the same as C1R2 string, then C3R3 = C2R1 + C2R2 /2 else C3R1,2,3 are blank?
-could i make it so that the detail row only prints if there are duplicates in Col1?
-if I changed Col2 to be Average Amount% w/w instead? I tried lots of settings and the Avg() function in Col2, but it would only give the value for the first Compound of each name
-i could make Col3 =CustomVar_MultiCompoundAverageConcentration, but I'm not sure how I would get/save that data

Sorry I couldn't add more screenshots, I only have access to the machine for an hour a day, but Ill do my best to get more if any of you brilliant minds are willing to help me figure out what I'm missing or a good workaround. Thanks, and let me know if I can offer any more info :)

  • Hello,

    Is this part of a larger IR summary report or do you only report the 2 injections as see in the example? If it is a larger report how do you group the injection replicates? Since this is CDS 2.x you could do the average calculation in CC and then just report it in IR. If you want to do this is IR then add a hidden table at the top with the Amount as a column and then create an aggregate for that column indexed on the compound_name. You can use that aggregate average in the table below for you average column. I would also hide duplicates in that column. If this is part of a larger report you may need to change the index to compound_name + sample_name or what ever you use to pair the replicate injections. 

    Marty Adams

  • Hello Martin

    An aggregate of a column would indeed be a simple solution here. 
    Now I have only ever used 1 key to pair aggregate results, can you really use 2 keys for this?
    Would this be the correct syntax then for the "Category" :

    Kind regards

  • Hello,

    See the example below. I have a hidden table with the concentration column saved as a category aggregate indexed on sample_name + compound_name which is used in the table below. This would be an example where you needed to include more than one sample pair in your summary report.

    Marty Adams

  • mind = blown

    I have actively struggled with only being able to use 1 index in a category aggregator before. They should put this example in the help file in open lab...

    Thanx Martin

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