How to upgrade Windows 7 computer with ChemStation B.04.03

The Windows 7 computer that runs our GC is 13 years old and is getting very slow.  What is the path to upgrade it?

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  • The 6890A (G1530A) is supported on both OpenLab CDS 2.6 and OpenLab Chemstation C.01.10.  Both of those chromatography platforms are supported with Windows 10 and can be purchased as an upgrade.  Both software platforms also support the G2912A ALS controller you may be using for your ALS and tray.  The GC firmware may need to be updated to A.03.08.  For the 6890A these are physical chips that will need to be replaced if an update is needed. 

    The 6890A is a great robust system, but it is from the mid to late 1990's.  Since it is operational you may want to speak with your Agilent sales representative about a trade in on a newer or refurbished system.

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