Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Is Masshunter and Chemstation compatible?



Our lab is planning to upgrade several of our workstation PC's from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I would like to know if software would be compatible with Windows 10.


Here is a list of the Agilent Programs:


MassHunter B.07.04.2260
MassHunter B.07.00 SP2.1654
MassHunter 4.4 workstation version C.01.04
OpenLab CDS C.01.07[27]
OpenLab CDS C.01.09[150]


Will we also need to product keys for the re-installation? I am worried we will be unable to locate the physical copies of the product keys.

  • Hello,


    I can only speak definitely for your OpenLab ChemStation software.


    OpenLab CDS ChemStation C.01.07 [27] is NOT supported on Windows 10. If you wish to run C.01.07 on Windows 10 you would need to upgrade the software to C.01.07 SR3 or SR4. 


    OpenLab CDS ChemStation C.01.09 is supported on Windows 10. 


    For MassHunter Acquisition for GCMS B.07.04 and Qual B.07.00 SP2, I believe these are only supported on Windows 7 SP1 and would need to be upgraded if you are planning on upgrading your operating system. 

  • To upgrade from C.01.07 [27] to C.01.07 SR3 or SR4, is this something I need to purchase or can I download? When I enter my SubscribeNet account, I see a file for "OpenLab CDS ChemStation Edition S.01.07 SR4 Hotfix 01" but since I don't have SR4 in the first place, the hotfix cannot read any application. @ryoboyle

  • Hello,


    If you do not have access to download SR3 or SR4 from your Subscribenet account then it would imply that you did not have an active software subscription at the time of their release. 


    You can check to see if you have the option to upgrade your 1.7 license to version 1.9 which would then be compatible in C.01.09 which you have access to. If not, then you would need to purchase an upgrade.

  • I think I realized my mistake. It looks like I need to update to SR1 first then SR2, then SR4. But I also have C.01.09 available. It looks like I should just update straight to C.01.09 then. Is there any downfalls to this or should I stick to SR4?

    This is what's available to me in my SubscribeNet account:

    C.01.07 SR1
    C.01.07 SR2
    C.01.07 SR4

  • Hello,


    There should not be any problem upgrading to C.01.09. Just make sure that you have enough v1.9 licenses in subscribenet if you do plan on upgrading. 


    I am also going to note that in-place OS upgrades are not supported. My recommendation for upgrading to Win10 would be to to just use a fresh Win10 image and then install OpenLab ChemStation on the new image. Make sure to backup all of your methods, data, etc... before hand so that they can be transferred over to the new Win10 install. 

  • Hello chemist23,

    minimal Masshunter versions icw. Windows 10:
    GC ACQ ACQ:   B.07.05 (Shipping from 2016)
    QUAL*:              B.08.00 Build 8208.0 (Shipping from 2017)
    QUANT*:            B.08.00 Build 598 (Shipping from 2017)

       * Windows 10 should be used as a 64bit version



  • Thanks for adding the info for what revision of each MassHunter software product added Windows 10 support.


    I will add that the current revisions of each are MassHunter GCMS Data Acquisition Version 10 SR1, Qualitative Analysis Version 10, and Quantitative Analysis Version 10.1.


    MSD Chemstation Data Analysis F.01.03 SR1 also supports Windows 10 and can be installed on the same PC as the MassHunter Data Analysis applications if you'd like to use both.



    Alex Graettinger

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