1100 Autosampler chiller not controlled by Openlab

We have an autosampler (G1313A) on our 1100 HPLC with tray chiller installed; however, there is not option in OpenLab to set the tray temperature. We are using OpenLab server 3.2.0. What are we missing?

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  • We opened the instrument configuration, and "thermostat installed" is checked. "Thermostat controlled by method" was not checked. We selected it, and press OK. Re-open configuration, and "thermostat controlled by method is still selected". Closed configuration and launch the instrument. There are no options to control sampler temperature. Go back to configuration, and now "thermostat controlled by method" is not checked again. So for some reason, launching the instrument causes that box to become unchecked.

  • We finally got it working. Turns out, it wasn't plugged in all the way! It was hard to diagnose because there is no power light on the front of the unit, and it is very difficult to see behind the instrument since it is backed up to a wall. We still cannot control it from the method, but at least we have manual control and that's enough for now. Thanks everyone (especially Howard) for your efforts!

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