Windows Crash when the ReportLayout/Review is opened

Hi!, I´m working with windows 10 and OpenLab CDS c01.08, when I open the Report Layout or Review windows it crash and the computer restarts, this happens in 2 computers, in the rest the reports work correctly.


We change the computer and reinstall the software and the problem continues.

  • Hi Martin, 
    If the reports work correctly on the rest of the computers, then the problem is probably due to the windows configuration of the other computers.
    Make sure that the updates are disabled or at least that they are not in automatic, energy saving, CPU, RAM, etc.
    If it still doesn't work, make sure that when you delete Openlab from "programs and features" all folders (including hidden ones) are correctly deleted.

  • Hi

    It's computer problem.

    First, you should try to restore the system by going on BIOS.

    If it's work then please remove unnecessary driver and keep off automatic update.

    Antivirus installation also can give problem.

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