A few more questions on report formatting

Greetings one and all,

I'm still running on OpenLab CDS Chemstation (Rev. C.01.10[201]) and just want to ask a few of you to quickie questions on report templates;

1) I'd like to filter a table using THREE criteria. When I click on the table to table format, then click on the "value" option, I can enter a variety of criteria such as signal, compound name, and other possible options. I want to filter the table based on signal then on two criteria using the compound name. Sorting by micro ECD signal works out fine. One set of compounds I want to use (not filter out) I have labeled with an "(A)", a second set is labeled with a "(B)". There are other compounds I donnot want in this table. They are unlabeled. So I then add a second field to sort out the various compounds I have labeled with an "(A)" in my calibration by filtering using "*(A)*". It adds an "and" to the far right column labeled "and/or" on the previous line where I filtered the compounds by signal. Great. I can then filter by another set of compounds I have labeled with an "(A)" in my calibration and it works out fine. The problem is when I want to filter either by the label "(A)" OR "(B)". I cannot get the "And/Or" line to give me an OR. It always defaults to AND. How and I get this to add the "OR" term so I can sort by signal then "(A)" OR "(B)"?

2) When I manually integrate a chromatogram in the off line mode the data file is marked with an "M" to indicate the manual integration. Again, great. Is there any way I can have this "M" show on the report template table the chromatogram to show it  has been manually integrated or am I stuck with simply making a column where then analysts indicates this themselves?

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