Add statistics (mean, stdev) for a column in MassHunter Report Builder

Using MassHunter 10.2 and Report Builder 10.2.

Is there any way to report mean/stdev of a column?

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    Variables declared in Report Builder template expressions do persist through the report, so with a little bit of prep work in unused cells it is possible. I have attached an example template provided by that calculates the RSDs of 8 replicate injections. This code is written so that if less than 8 injections are given it will not output a meaningful result. The expressions can be adjusted to work however you like and this should give you some idea of how to have a report calculate a statistical result for a column.

    For the example I modified the shipping VOA data set and used one of the ISTDs to demonstrate, so the IDL fails. But it demonstrates what you can expect the unmodified template to produce.

    OFN report.template.xml

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