Estimated Concentration

How do I report "Estimated Conc." using either module unknowns, qual, or quant?  I know I can generate it MSD Data Analysis (Chemstation VF-1) but I want to print the unknowns report which includes the estimated concentration. When I edit columns using the "unknowns" analysis, the field is available but I don't understand how to populate it.

FYI, I am a brand newbie to MH V10. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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    To calculate the Estimated Conc. you must specify the Estimation response factor in your Unknowns Analysis method. This setting can be found on the Target Match tab. By default it is set to No estimation, which is why the field is not populated by default.

    Unknowns Analysis has many features, but the workflow is a bit different from previous versions of ChemStation. To help in getting started there is an Unknowns Analysis Familiarization Guide that can be found as part of the Quant Supplemental installation package. This also installs the example data set RI-PEST-MATRIX in the QuantExamples\MS data folder which has an example of an Unknowns Analysis File data set. 

    There is also a Webinar available that can be a useful introduction to using Unknowns Analysis. 

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