Acrolein - problem with prepare standard solution

Hello everyone! 

I'm currently working on a new (for my company) method of quantifying acrolein by GC-FID. I have a big problem with the appropriate weight of the standard. According to the article, I should add the right amount of acrolein to the CS2 flask. I bought certificate acrolein standard with a high purity (99.9%) so I measure the weight of the flask with CS2 and add the acrolein (using a glass syringe). But I did notice a large weight difference, often negative. I tried to cool the syringe but nothing has changed. 

Does anyone have problem with acrolein like me? Maybe you have some advice?

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  • Hi, the article is a Polish standard for the determination of acrolein in air sample. It's a bit old but still used. I only have a problem with preparing a solution with an acrolein concentration of 0.084 mg / ml. So, according to the laboratory procedure, I measure about 1 µl of pure acrolein and inject it into a 10 ml volumetric flask with 4-5 ml of CS2. 1 µl of acrolein should weigh about 0.000839 g. But in 3 out of 4 cases, I noticed a negative difference in weight. I couldn't make a repeatable concentration of the solution. Looks like if I inject acrolein it will evaporate right away or something

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