Hello all! I've run into a problem accessing the kinetics mode on my 8453 uv-vis spectrophotometer

All modes other than 'standard', 'execute advanced method', and 'verification and diagnostics' are unavailable. In fact, when I attempt to open the standard kinetics method, an error pops up explaining: "Kinetic mode is not available. Switching mode is not possible. Check maybe your installation."

So I checked the installation and reinstalled the B.05.02 version of the chemstation software. I've even poked around a bit in the /uvexe folder and it looks like there are files that relate to the kinetics mode based on their names. However, the problem still persists. Other than this, the spectrometer and software work just fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


It turns out the kinetics mode is actually part of an add-on... so that definitely explains why I couldn't access it. 


I was able to re-install with the kinetics add on license. 

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