Can WinUV report find three peaks and three valleys like ChemStation used to do?

We have WinUV 5.1.3 Pharma on Cary 60 to replace ChemStation on an old Agilent G1103A UV. We have a method requirement to find three highest peaks and three lowest valleys in scans. Is this possible in WinUV 5.1.3 and if so, how? 

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    Sorry for the delayed response. I am checking into it.

    WinUV is not a variety of ChemStation; they are both completely separate products. WinUV is for all Cary spectrophotometers and UV Vis ChemStation is for Agilent 8453 & 8454 spectrophotometers only. The Cary 60 and 845x instruments are comparable in application and performance but are completely different in design and function.

    (The Cary 3500 is controlled by UV Workstation, which is completely different than both ChemStation and WinUV.)

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  • Hi Mike,
    Thank you, yes correct, here is our situation to clarify, we upgraded in order to retire the Win7 OS.
    We had methods on Agilent UV 8454 ChemStation B.05.02 that managers would create, reviewers would approve, and analyst could use the methods without the ability to edit.
    Now with Cary 60 running WinUV, the methods can be created by the supervisors but cannot be signed electronically. We are running a blank which allows the method to be printed at least but the lock does not work no matter what permissions we set to use it.

    Here are the features we used in ChemStation UV that we want to use in WinUV:
    1. Overlayed data and Individual data in the result reports for scans,
    2. Not only the range but specific wavelengths reported for a scan.
    3. Report the three valleys and peaks from the method as ChemStation used to do.

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