How do I display dilution factor on results report in ChemStation B0502?

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I'm working on updating a method on one of our UV-VIS systems with ChemStation B0502. The results calculation will include a dilution factor. I've enabled the use of the dilution factor in the calculation through the method editor, but it is not being displayed on our results report. I've gone into the report editor but cannot find any options to have this information displayed. Would anyone know how to pull this information into the results report?

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  • Martin will likely be on today to answer your question in greater detail, but he will probably need more information. When you say, "it is not being displayed on our results report" do you mean the dilution factor is not being displayed? If not, what isn't being displayed?

    After watching a few videos, I would say you will likely find the answer in "custom reports". See this video Custom reports. Basically, if you have a report linked to your method, you can go to custom reports and edit that report to add or remove certain things. I expect sample dilution factor will be one of them (sample multiplier shows in the video so I expect it will be in the same area as that). However, I don't know what version of the software this video is or how much versions vary.

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    To confirm you are asking about Agilent UV-Visible ChemStation Revision B.05.02 Software? Although that software is called Chemstation, it is not the same as the Openlab Chemstation code base. The appropriate forum would be the Molecular Spectroscopy hardware group. If you can confirm the software, I will move the post to that group. 


  • Hi Marty,

    To confirm, this is the Agilent UV-Visible Chemstation Revision B.05.02 software.

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