Dear Mrs/Mr, I'm from Vietnam and I'm working for a pharmaceutical company. We have an UV-vis Cary 3500 system in our lab. Please help me, how can I find peaks and label more than one peak in one spectrum?

I would like to show (label peaks) the wavelength of 3 peak, but I don't know how to do it automatically, not manual

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  • Hi MinhThu, I'm following this. We can lower the threshold to find several peaks, but this is not convenient for all our products to play around with the exact threshold and revise the scan method each time. The analysts can use the graphics function and label the peaks and valleys at the end of the run. It's immediately apparent to your eyes when you see, say the highest three peaks and the lowest three valleys. We have the same issue with moving from ChemStation to WinUV. Hope this helps. Let this message board know if you find a better way of automating Peak/Valley Annotation.

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