Cary 60 admin questions

Hi all,

I am new to UV, I have taken on the validation of two Cary 60's. I just have a couple of questions to ask:

1. How do you archive old methods? 

2.Is there a way to export methods as reports? I will need to provide method setup as part of the validation.



  • HI Laura, 

    It really depends on the Software "type', are you in a CFR environment? 

    If not, the method file are nothing more than flat files, likely on the C drive, you can simply copy and paste the folder where they keep their data/methods to a different location to archive it. 

    If you are in the CFR environment, all the data and methods are store in a database and you can not archive a sigle method as the move/rename is not allowed. The only way is to "retire" (backup/detach) the database when not needed. 

  • Hi Vincenzo,

    Thank you for your answer. We have the CFR environment. WinUV (1042 indicates Part11).

    I’ve looked for method files for the following apps; Advanced Reads which are .MAB, Concentration .MCN, Scan .MSW, and Simple Reads .MSR.

    I definitely created methods for these apps, but when I search for the files, they do not appear in a Windows Explorer search. I strongly suspect they are embedded within the SQL database and cannot be read alone as flat files. Maybe it’s because it’s a CFR version? I’m not sure if that makes a difference to the software architecture. I’m hoping to print the method so they can be approved.

    1. Methods have to have data associated with them to allow E-signing.
    2. With or without Edit Methods or Edit Own Methods permissions granted I have not been able to determine the functionality of “Lock Methods”.

    Please let me know if anyone else is working to use this software in a CFR environment, your input is appreciated.


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