Changing Active Directory Domain of a MicroLab Workstation

Has anyone every had to change the Active Directory domain for a workstation running MicroLab?  Is this possible, or will the software and/or database have issues after changing the domain?  This is for a Windows 10 workstation directly hooked up to an Agilent Cary 630 FTIR instrument.  Appreciate any insights and guidance anyone can offer.

  • There are couple of questions that need to be answered before we can address this inquiry. 

    1. What scenario was used when the SW was installed? 

        a. Scenario 1 - The Spectroscopy Configuration Manager (SCM), Spectroscopy Database Administrator (SDA) and the Microlab PC SW are installed on one PC that is connected to the instrument. 

        b. Scenario 2 - The SCM software is installed on one server, SDA Software is installed a different server and Microlab PC SW is installed on the PC connected to the instrument.

        c. Scenario 3 - The SCM software and SDA Software are installed on the same server and Microlab PC SW is installed on that is connected to the instrument.

    2. Would you be changing the Name of the PC connected to the instrument? 

    As soon as we know the answers to these questions we can best address your inquiry. 

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