Cary ADL Function "FConvert" not working.


I am trying to build a ADL command file to make our Cary 60 measurements easier and save some time. It all goes well until I added a FConver command to save data in a csv file.

The FConvert command is found in Cary ADL Help under Continuum Commands. I have tried the example from the help but it’s not working:

CollectAndGraph("My Data","My Graph", 500,400,Wavelength_XMode)
A = FConvert("My Data","FILE6.CSV",1)

Is this a known error?

We have Cary WinUV Scan Application Version

Cary 60 Firmware Version:

Or is there a way to collect measurement data directly to LabView for example? I have not found any documentation about this, but it would be great to have that functionality.

Br, Tony.

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