Cary Eclipse System Error: "AppsTable: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset"

I'm in IT support for a chemistry lab using an old Varian Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer. The old PC the lab tech were using had some issues during Scan Setup where they were unable to input the necessary parameters for their measurements, so I replaced the PC and installed Cary Eclipse on the new one. New PC is Windows 10 x32. I was able to get everything running and working (apparently) fine by manually registering a couple DLLs that failed during the install, and grabbing an updated USB-GPIB driver from NI. Lab tech tested the Scan function and found everything worked great.

Today, same tech says she "checked to record the spectra" and is getting an error "System Error: AppsTable: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset".

I don't have specific knowledge of Cary Eclipse, what dataset is being referenced, or where that dataset is stored, and the documentation I've been able to find hasn't been terribly informative. Does anyone have information about where the dataset is stored, how a new dataset on a fresh install of Cary Eclipse would have closed before any data was recorded, and how to resolve this error?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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