Cary 630 FTIR - changing the desiccant

Hello all

I need to change the desiccant on our Cary 630 FTIR unit. Is there any detailed instructions and practical tips available as how to do this?

I ask as last time I did this, the desiccant became partially saturated as soon as it was installed.

I did purge the unit with N2 while changing the desiccant - was that the correct gas and thing to do. We don't purge the unit continuously during normal use.

One final question - should the Cary 630 FTIR unit be powered all the time. We tend to only connect it to power when it is going to be used.

Any help would be appreciated



  • Hi Kevin,

    As per above notes, you should keep it on when not in use to avoid mositure problem.

    If you will keep it off then there is high chance that desiccant discharge soon due to surrounding environment..

  • And for changing desiccant, there is simple procedure..

  • Thanks ISH. 
    I notice that you didn’t say anything about purging the system with N2. Can I take it that you don’t need to purge the system at any point in the process when changing the desiccant. 

  • Off course need to purge with nitrogen.

    Even, so many user, they keep on purging always.But make sure nitrogen should be moisture free...

  • "of course"   ????

    Could you AND the user manual please provide mention/provide instructions on how to do this purge? 

    Leaving critical elements out is problematic.

    The manual says NOTHING about the N2 purge requirement and simply states that you just need to swap out the desiccant canister.

    Also, can this canister be regenerated by oven heating?

    In this time of "environmental sustainability" it is problematic to just say "dispose of properly"...not even mentioning the cost of $300+ per canister....which seems excessive.

    I expect that desiccant could be replaced for a few dollars. And regenerated for almost nothing.


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