Cary 60 instrument method error

Hi, I have some question regarding Cary 60 instrument error.
While we perform the UV A280 testing using the Cary60 UV spectrophotometer, it was found that the absorbance value of the blank solution was high and unstable. As a result of instrument check by an Agilent engineer, it was confirmed that this problem only occurred when a specific one instrument method was used. (called as "A" instrument method)
When the "A" instrument method is loaded, the error message "Problem in loading method- Method Model does not match the current instrument. Method has been adjusted." poped-up. And when click READ after ZERO with air or blank solution, the absorbance value was measured to be very high from 0.01 to 0.04AU.
We checked the audit log of "A" method and discovered that the serial number of the instrument was blank. The serial number "G6860A MY19050005" was normally entered in the audit log of all other instrument methods.
1. How can the serial number be missing when creating a instrument method? In other methods created before and after "A" method, the serial number is normally entered.
2. Can the pop-up message cause an unstable absorbance measurement? Have you ever had a similar issue on other sites?

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