RS232 ADL command RS232Check

We have a Cary4000 and I try to use the RS232 connection with ADL commands to connect via the ADL Shell to another computer. I can establish a connection and send data from the ADL Shell to the other computer but not in the opposite direction. When I use a terminal (PuTTY) on the Cary4000 computer, the connection works bidirectional. So I suppose there is a problem with the RS232Check command. Does anybody have had this problem before or any hint what can be tried?


Here is the code from the ADL Shell:


Sub Main
Dim test As String
RS232Port(1) ' RS232_ComPort1 = value 0
RS232DataBits(4) ' RS232_Data_8 = value 4
RS232Parity(0) ' RS232_Parity_None = value 0
RS232StopBits(0) ' RS232_Stop_1 = value 0
RS232Init ' Start using the serial port
RS232Send(a & vbCrLf & "")
test$=RS232Check ' did we get a reply
CPrint("Message from the world?",test$)
End Sub

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