RS232 ADL command RS232Check

We have a Cary4000 and I try to use the RS232 connection with ADL commands to connect via the ADL Shell to another computer. I can establish a connection and send data from the ADL Shell to the other computer but not in the opposite direction. When I use a terminal (PuTTY) on the Cary4000 computer, the connection works bidirectional. So I suppose there is a problem with the RS232Check command. Does anybody have had this problem before or any hint what can be tried?


Here is the code from the ADL Shell:


Sub Main
Dim test As String
RS232Port(1) ' RS232_ComPort1 = value 0
RS232DataBits(4) ' RS232_Data_8 = value 4
RS232Parity(0) ' RS232_Parity_None = value 0
RS232StopBits(0) ' RS232_Stop_1 = value 0
RS232Init ' Start using the serial port
RS232Send(a & vbCrLf & "")
test$=RS232Check ' did we get a reply
CPrint("Message from the world?",test$)
End Sub

  • Hello:

    If you mean the 9-pin port in the sample compartment, this won't work. It's used for accessories which take an analog input which is converted by the instrument. 

    The RS232 interface on the PC is used for accessories like the sipper, SPS3, PCB-1500/dual cell peltier devices. Once the connection is established, all of these devices are 1-way communications in terms of commands: PC to device. Very likely it's a limitation of ADL since it was never designed to send and receive messages. A potential workaround could be to establish two RS232 connections between the PC. COM1 is used to send from PC-A to PC-B. COM2 is used to send from PC-B to PC-A. I really don't know much about ADL but logically the workaround could make sense.:

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