Cary 7000 with UMA noisy in UV

I use a Cary 7000 with a UMA to test thin film samples. the UMA gives very noisy data in the UV. Is there something wrong with my UMA or is the UMA just not compatible with UV scanning?

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    The simplest way to troubleshoot this, is to remove the UMA from the Cary 7000 and run the Validate/Instrument Performance Tests.

    Before beginning make sure you have the Cary 7000 powered off. Remove the UMA. Close all the sample compartment covers, and power on the Cary. Open up the Validate Application, Select Tests, then the Instrument Performance Tests and Start. If all the tests pass, then we can say that the Cary itself is working correctly.

    Install the UMA, again with the power off, and after re-initializing the Cary 7000, Run the Validate/Test/UMA tests and see if these pass.

    If any tests fails, please call Agilent technical support for assistance

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