quantity of water and oil that would be homogenized and aged

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You all are requested to help me out in making standards, in this attachment, following paragraph is confusing me..


""Used turbine oil (C&C Oil Co.) was homogenized with water and aged overnight at 70 °C to make a very high water standard. This standard was then diluted with

various amounts of a used turbine oil mix, which contains oil in-service four months and another more degraded oil with a dark amber color. These dilutions had various amounts of water based on how much “as is” oil was added. The samples were mixed well and allowed to equilibrate for about an hour before they were analyzed by coulometric Karl Fischer titration (Metrohm 756 KF Coulometer) to determine the concentration of water. The samples were run in duplicate by KF before the infrared spectra were 3 acquired using the 5500t FTIR spectrometer. The water concentrations for the prepared standards ranged from 22–3720 ppm (parts per million). ""


What I need from you people is to know the quantity of water and oil that would be homogenized and aged overnight 70 degree Celsius. Than how it would dilute???


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