Adding values to .CSV file output by Cary UV-vis software?


I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to change what information is output to a .CSV file when "Save data as..." is selected in the Cary UV-Vis software. Is there a way to modify this using the ADL shell editor? Ideally, I would like to get some values we have being generated in the report window placed into the CSV.

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  • The ADL command is Save Data as … and refers only to data. There is no way to modify the command. There may be a way to add the information after the save has been done. This would be done through an ADL program which would open the .csv file and append it with the information they have generated. My first question would be why are they saving the data as a csv file? They can accomplish what they want by saving the data as a Cary Batch file. That would save the data and the report where the generated values are.


    To append the csv file you would use the Sax Basic command of  :

    Open File (filename) as #1 for Append                  (I believe I have it correct but would to check)

    Write #1,  (information to be added)

    Close #1

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