Vote for the Best New Sustainable Laboratory Product in the Scientists’ Choice Awards

Cary 3500 Flexible UV-Vis is part of the Cary 3500 UV-Vis Series

Laboratory scientists across the world are being invited to have their say in the 2023 SelectScience Scientists’ Choice Awards®!

The annual Scientists' Choice Awards celebrate the most innovative and effective technologies of the past year and provide scientists worldwide with the opportunity to acknowledge the instruments, assays, tools, or consumables that have made the most difference to their work.

We are delighted to announce that, thanks to our loyal customers, the Agilent Cary 3500 Flexible UV-Vis spectrophotometer has been nominated in the category of Best New Sustainable Laboratory Product of 2023 category. Last year, the Cary 3500 Flexible UV-Vis received the My Green Lab ACT (Accountability, Consistency, Transparency) label after independent audit for its environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle. This is a great opportunity to recognize the Cary 3500 Flexible UV-Vis for its sustainability.

Voting is now open, so if you’re happy with Agilent developing sustainable solutions like the Cary 3500 Flexible UV-Vis and how it has an impact in laboratory work, please take a moment to give us your support—we would be very grateful.

You can cast your vote here >>

As a thank you for your time and insight, all scientists and healthcare professionals who vote will be entered into a drawing for the chance to win a $500 Gift Card with SelectScience, who run these awards.

Voting closes on March 31, 2024. See the Scientists’ Choice Awards website for details.

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