Webinar - Standardized ISO Methodologies for the Assessment of Microplastics

As interest in microplastics in the environment and food chain grows, so does the interest in the potential impacts on environmental and human health. This, coupled with strong public attention, has led to various organizations worldwide looking towards the potential for regulations. For example, the European Chemical Agency is currently considering restrictions on the use of microplastics in the form of microbeads in personal care products. Furthermore, the first ISO standard document with general guidelines will be published this year. It can be expected that this will directly impact both official and contract laboratories and producers of drinking water, food, and other relevant products, which will need to better understand the amount, number, size, and ID of microplastic particles in their products. Alongside this broad approach, several countries are developing the standard testing methodology for microplastics in water, and the environment and organizations have been conducting inter-laboratory studies as a step towards harmonization of testing methodologies to ensure the comparability of results.

Join this webinar to hear Dr. Anja Sokolowski from DIN Standards Committee Water Practice discuss the progress in developing standardized methodologies for microplastics and the key challenges. Download the flyer below, and Register now.

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