Podcast: Experts Evaluate an Innovative Analytical ID Testing Strategy for Oligonucleotides

In this podcast, Dr. Melanie Zerulla-Wernitz, Head of the Analytical Science Laboratory at Vetter Pharma, discusses the tools and techniques her team uses to optimize analytics of oligonucleotide-based pharmaceuticals. Dr. Mathieu Rault of Agilent Technologies also highlights how to execute temperature-controlled measurements of oligonucleotides and outlines the implementation of spectroscopy tools for fast, accurate ID testing.

Hear about Vetter Pharma’s main activities, including work done around oligonucleotides and the challenges associated with them. Dr. Zerulla-Wernitz also shares how the Cary 3500 UV-Vis has helped Vetter Pharma to overcome these challenges.

Dr. Rault goes on to discuss the factors to be considered when selecting tools and techniques for accurate oligonucleotides ID confirmation. He also expands on the importance of temperature control during oligonucleotide melting temperature analysis.

Listen to the podcast or learn more about how to optimize oligonucleotide melting temperature analysis from the following resources:

Cary 3500 UV-Vis and Cary UV Workstation

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