New Vaya SORS Application Verifies Common Stearates Without Complex Chemometrics

Metal stearates are often used in the manufacturing of oral solid dosages to add lubrication and flowability (e.g., to prevent the formulation sticking to the walls of a tablet press). Although zinc, magnesium and calcium stearates are closely related, they cannot be used interchangeably as their properties differ. During the receipt of these excipients, it is therefore critical for QC to be able to verify their identities with a high degree of certainty. In a recent application note, the Agilent Vaya Raman spectrometer was used to discriminate these three stearates directly through low density polyethylene plastic liners. By combining spatially offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS) and onboard wizard-based method development, Vaya users are able to easily deploy ID testing methods for stearates in the warehouse—with no chemometrics knowledge required, and no third party software to use.     

Download the application note: Verification of Common Stearates Without Complex Chemometrics with Agilent Vaya SORS

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