New Agilent Community Spectroscopy User Groups for TRS100 and 8700 LDIR

The Agilent Community, an online customer support and forum space, has expanded to include two specialized user groups focusing on transmission Raman spectroscopy and the 8700 LDIR for microplastics analysis. These groups allow for dedicated spaces for conversations and knowledge sharing.

Having a dedicated space such as the Agilent Community, where users of analytical equipment can come together to share knowledge, experience and converse, is a great feature. Split into technical areas, relevant information is conveniently organized so users can navigate across a range of Agilent products. Additionally, the Knowledge Portal collates the technical and maintenance information surrounding the instruments.

The transmission Raman user group, and related product the TRS100, will focus on pharmaceutical applications and workflows around solid oral dose forms, mandatory batch release tests, and non-destructive quantitative analysis of samples which negate sample preparation protocols.

The TRS100 enables fast, easy-to-use whole tablet or capsule content uniformity and polymorph screening for pharmaceutical finished-product testing and formulation development. Agilent's transmission Raman spectroscopy technology allows simple method development and deployment for quantitative analysis in quality control applications.

The LDIR user group will focus on the microplastic analysis workflow. Applying quantum cascade laser spectroscopy, the Agilent 8700 Laser Direct Infrared (LDIR) Chemical Imaging System brings unprecedented speed of analysis and ease of use to analytical challenges such as this.

The 8700 LDIR system’s fully automated microplastics workflows are ideally suited to the analysis of microplastic particles in environmental samples, food, and more. By processing samples in minutes or hours, not days, the 8700 LDIR allows a higher sample throughout with minimal operator intervention. This can reduce costs and potential errors, and give you the results you need, fast.

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