Cary 3500 Flexible UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Wins Sustainable Product of the Year in Scientists’ Choice Awards

Cary 3500 Flexible UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

The Cary 3500 Flexible UV-Vis Spectrophotometer has received the award for Sustainable Product of the Year from SelectScience, in the reducing consumables and reagents category. The Scientists’ Choice Awards hold a unique position in the industry because they are selected by scientists and healthcare professionals, who vote for the lab products and companies that have made the most significant impact on their work.

The award reflects Agilent’s commitment to environmentally conscious product design. Agilent instruments are engineered to improve sustainability holistically—from product design and manufacturing to usage and disposal.

The Cary 3500 UV-Vis is a double-beam spectrophotometer that delivers superior photometric performance. It allows researchers to conduct challenging measurements with minimal sample preparation. It also comes with a xenon flash lamp that eliminates the daily warm-up time, dramatically reducing the frequency and cost of lamp replacement. The Cary 3500 UV-Vis received My Green Lab’s ACT (Accountability, Consistency, Transparency) label after an independent audit for its environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle.

Read the Agilent press release for full details: Agilent Receives Scientists' Choice Awards for Sustainability

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